Since 1990, Protection Engineering has been providing expert fire protection and safety services to people in Western Australia. We provide expert fire safety training, installation of dry and wet fire systems, fire system designs and more.  All of our staff is fully trained and qualified, and are experts in ensuring that your fire safety equipment meets the current Australian Fire Standards. Keep scrolling to learn about Protection Engineering’s fire safety mission, and why we love doing what we do so much!

The Protection Engineering Mission

We wake up every morning not to make a living but rather to make a difference in this world. We save people’s lives.

Today, Fire Protection Systems & Equipment have a greater role in the world. That is why Protection Engineering & its staff remains committed to our vision. We keep innovating and moving forward.


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Vigilant Fire & Life Safety

Protection Engineering Capability

Benefit #1 – Understanding the requirements and risks

A smooth-running contract is as valuable as the cost, and we will consistently strive to provide constant savings on all expenditure throughout the life of the contract.

Protection Engineering will continually strive to improve the services by enhancing the costs. Our proposal has taken into account capability, cost affordability, risk and expected outcome. Our low overhead structure allows us to offer the services at an extremely competitive rate.

Benefit #2 – Extensive experience in the design and commissioning, and ongoing maintenance of Town of Cambridge’s fire protection systems to bring about a continuous and supported program

31 years in fire protection and combined 85 years of field services experience of our proposed onsite technical team. 

Our team is highly experienced in the ongoing supply and consultation of the fire protection systems and solutions.

Protection Engineering offers a highly experienced and competent team familiar with the work and the inherent requirements of each facility we maintain. This is important because each building has a unique fire protection system, and each electrical circuit is different. More importantly, with our 31 years of experience in the industry, our staff understand why decisions have been made and the reasons behind such procurement.

Over the years, our accumulated knowledge base has saved time and money with our familiarisation and understanding of these unique fire protection systems.

Benefit #3 - Capability

We are a low-risk service provider with greater efficacy, facilities, and people to support the supply of systems and associated onsite services.

Benefit #4 – Locally owned and operated business that creates more opportunities for local businesses and more jobs for Western Australians

Flexible and responsive services, with a commitment to local content.

Protection Engineering is 100% Western Australian owned and make local jobs first considerations in purchasing and supply decisions over the life of our contracts. Our policies align with the Australian industry participation through the delivery services and contract administration from our head office in Bassendean. We work in a flexible and responsive manner.