We wake up every morning not to make a
living but rather to make a difference in this
world. We save people’s lives.

Today, Fire Protection Systems & Equipment
have a greater role in the world. That is why
Protection Engineering & its staff remains
committed to our vision. We keep innovating
and moving forward.




Brian Tilury

Other people's successes are good news - for them and for you. Good for you because they show you a way to go.

Twenty five years ago, a passionate group of us realised the potential harm that could be caused by something not well understood at the time: lack of fire protection systems

While no one could predict the impact it would have, we made it our mission to provide the best services in fire protection. It remains Protection Engineering’s mission today.

Over the last two decades, we made history by delivering innovative
solutions that were best suited for the way we used for fire protection.

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