Nicholas Lee

Nic Lee is an Estimator who works with architects, fire engineers, electricians, consultants, builders and liaise with DFES as well as suppliers to provide his best quotation to win projects at tender stage.

He believes in the only fact that winning a project is not only a personal
achievement but also a boost for everyone’s morale within the team at
Protection Engineering.

Furthermore, Nic knows he can count on the assistance of the in-house
technicians to broaden his knowledge about the Fire detection system during the tender stage. This helps to sharpen a quotation that will lead to the successful approval of an installation project.

Throughout the years since he started working for the company, Nic has
developed multiple skills which goes from AutoCAD assistant to estimating.

Nic has also had field experience on construction sites in the installation
department, which has helped him develop a better overview of how a job is run. As a result, Nic has learnt hands-on different stages in delivering a
construction job and ultimately connect facilities to DFES from programming to assisting technicians in installation of fire detection devices.

Nic is currently studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Curtin
University of Technology for his BEng, Bachelor in Engineering. His favourite activity outside work is taking timeout to enjoy what Perth has to