We offer basic and advanced fire training which give attendees essential skills in fire protection and safety, fire extinguisher training, fire warden duties and fire alarm management. Browse our fire training options below and contact our Perth fire safety team for more information.

  • Fire Warden Training

Aims:  To prepare participants to

    • Identify the duties and responsibilities of a Fire Warden (includes Chief Warden)
    • Describe the evacuation and evacuee response
    • Describe the action to be taken on hearing the building alarm
    • Identify the fire extinguisher colour coding
    • Identify compatible fire/equipment combinations
  • First Attack Training
    • Know the action required on discovering a fire and responding to an alarm on fire
    • Understanding the basic chemistry of fire
    • Basic knowledge of fire prevention
    • Identifying fire extinguisher types and colour codes
    • Identifying correct extinguisher application to class of fire
    • Operation and application of fire extinguishers ensuring state of readiness of fire equipment

Fire Training, Services & Equipment WA has you covered. Our all-encompassing, ongoing assistance will satisfy industrial and legislative requirements, by ensuring:

  • Your business is operating at the highest possible standard
  • Your staff are knowledgeable, motivated, compliant, and operating according to their duty of care
  • Your facility is future proof thanks to our robust audit, assessment and inspection processes